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Sweaty-Cups-Why-Condensation-Forms Kim's Korner Wholesale

Ice Coffee Cups Sleeve are a must Sweaty Cups: Why Condensation Forms

, by Kims Korner, 1 min reading time

To avoid a watered down beverage and a messy wet cup, throw on a cup sleeve & voila! Problem solved. In addition to keeping the mess at bay, your ice won't melt nearly as quick, so your drink won't get watered down. win win

You know that little magic trick that happens whenever you pour a chilly potion into a cup on a sizzling day, without that superhero we call Ice Coffee Cup Sleeve? Tada! Beads of water start to dance around the outside of the cup like a Broadway show! You've been introduced to the famous Mr. Condensation, haven't you? Well, he's quite a performer and a very frequent visitor. But the party ends when you have to deal with a diluted drink and wet cup. It’s a bummer, isn’t it? So here’s the lifehack: just swagger a cup sleeve onto your cup and...abracadabra! Mess = vanished! On top of being your cleanliness hero, it's also an ice guardian! Your ice cubes are gonna last longer than a season of your favourite show, meaning no more watered-down sips! Double the win, double the fun!

Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Condensation on the outside of a cup occurs when the air around the cup is cooler than the temperature of the drink inside. When you pour a cold beverage into a glass, the cold temperature of the drink causes the air around the cup to cool down as well. As the air cools, it loses its ability to hold moisture, leading to the water vapor in the air condensing into liquid water on the surface of the cup.

This process is similar to how dew forms on grass in the early morning or how fog appears on a bathroom mirror after a hot shower. The difference in temperature between the cold drink and the warm air causes water vapor in the air to change from a gaseous state to a liquid state, resulting in the formation of water droplets on the outside of the cup.

So, the next time you see your cup sweating on a hot day, remember that it's simply a result of the science of condensation at work. It's a fascinating reminder of the way in which temperature and humidity interact to create the world around us.


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