RESERVE ITEM* i7 Mini Bluetooth Earbuds due 11/14

RESERVE ITEM* i7 Mini Bluetooth Earbuds due 11/14

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i7 mini earbuds  pack the same updated 5.0 Bluetooth technology, with just a bit

smaller casing for those who need a smaller fit. 
we have 50 pair of each color available for reserve. 


Items that you see listed as RESEVE ITEMS are just that, available for purchase to reserve it as yours.  The exact quantities that are ordered and on the way to us will be uploaded to the website. Each RESERVE ITEM will have its expected arrival date listed in the item title and description. The website will show quantum’s of all items once there is less than 20 remaining to purchase.

🛍 RESERVE ITEMS typically are items that sell out quickly or are on sale with a supplier and it simply is not possible to run as a preorder. We grab what can and offer to you as a RESERVE ITEM.