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Our own exclusive sksksk and I oop Sublimation Transfer VSCO

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Sublimation Transfers - Ready to press

Vibrant & Easy to Press !

Each design print will differ a bit in size. To keep it's proportion correct.

Adult Approx 8" x 10"

Youth Approx 6" x 8"

T-Shirts, Pillows, Towels, wall hanging.... unlimited potential.

Sublimation transfer must be applied with a Heat Press, med/high pressure 390 degrees for 60 seconds. Detailed instructions & tips will be included with your transfer order.

Pressing sublimation transfer is easy, as long as you follow the instructions. You cannot use an iron, Heat Press only!!!!!!!!!!


Your Garments & Fabric must be a light color.

The lighter the color the crisper the image will be. 

Garment & Fabrics must be at least 50% Polyester!

The higher the Polyester %, the brighter your transfer will be.

A 50% Polyester count will give you a more "Vintage" look. While 100% Polyester is VIVID. I personally love the look of the vintage print, but that is up to you.

I am currently loving a 65% Polyester count that we are using!


Transfers will always arrive "mirrored"

Be sure to secure your transfer to your fabric!

This is important. We use heat tape and other prefer adhesive spray.

Again, follow the detailed instructions & tips that will be included with your order, as there are no refunds/exchanges or credits given for transfers.

Be creative!

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